Protest Your Appraised Values to Lower Your Property Taxes

The deadline to contest your property taxes online is fast approaching!

Since I started by campaign, I have been calling for appraisal reform to address sky rocketing property taxes, which is mainly driven by increases in appraised values of property.  With the economic downturn as a result of our public health response to COVID-19, now more than ever our families need tax relief – not tax increases!

This is something you can do now to help yourself.  All Texans have the right to contest their property tax valuation and I encourage you do just that.

Below are some easy steps to get your started. As always, I am here to service you and help lower the burden on your family during this difficult time.

Remember the protest deadline is May 15 OR 30 days after the notice is mailed, whichever is later. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most will have deadlines after May 15 this year – but it is safest to act right away!

Step 2

Click on the “Online Appeals” lightning bolt icon

Step 3

  • Follow the prompt on the Protest Summary page and click the “E-file” button to be taken to the protest page:
  • Once there, provide the information you would like the Appraisal Review Board to consider for your protest in the comment section.
  • Then enter your opinion of value.
  • Select your protest reasons (either VOM (incorrect appraised market value) or VUE (value is unequal compared with other properties)).
  • Finally, click “submit.”

Helpful Resources

You can also find a helpful “How to File a Protest” video to walk you through the process here.

Here is a helpful video from the Comptroller on how to successfully present your case at your ARB hearing.


Ask a question or let us know how you want to help out. We thank you for your support.

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